Anakin Skywalker Life Size Figure


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Life Size Anakin Skywalker figure made for JCPenney, c. 1999. This item was used in JCPenney stores to promote Star Wars Episode I. A limited number of these statues were produced for JCPenney and raffled off. The Anakin mannequin is approximately 55.5″ tall. Anakin stands on top of a 23.5″ replica rock base, measuring 79″ tall in total. The rock base is 21″ deep by 22.5″ wide. Anakin can easily be removed from the base. There is a metal rod permanently attached to the base that inserts into a hole in Anakin’s right foot. This statue was designed by Don Post for Lucasfilm in 1999. Anakin and the base are made of fiberglass. The clothing is real fabric similar to what is seen in the movie. He has life-like hair, pod racing helmet with fold-up goggles. The helmet is not removable. The base has plaque that says “Anakin Skywalker Star Wars Episode I.” It is a very accurate representation of young Anakin ready for his pod race.