Magnificant Grandfather Clock


Magnificant grandfather clock, all carved with carved face at top, beading, sperpent heads, bearded face man, this whole clock tells a story! Nautical motif with turnings on bottom with faces, huge ball and claw feet on either side, carving throughout, including chains carved in corner. Very very unusual grandfather clock, one of a kind piece. Sword carved on either end, American sheild, basket weave at bottom, serpents on top. With original vintage black and white picture of little girl inside the mid section of clock. Clock comes apart into 3 pieces. Came with a newer movement, is weight driven, with hands. Collector never had time to put the movement into the clock. purchaser will have to arrainge to have movement put in. This is a very unique, one of a kind piece. We haven’t seen one like it in over 40 years! Possibly was made for and owned by ship captain. This clock came from Cape Cod. Movement needs to be installed into the clock. The owner did not have time to put in the movement prior to auction.

Call Tim Chapulis, Auctioneer
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