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On-Site Auction!! Sunday June 24th, 2018

BRISTOL – Tim Chapulis of Tim’s Inc. Auctions is gearing up for a “discovery auction” with Litchfield Real Estate Auctions, LLC. this Sunday. Broker Mary Helen Levine will be auctioning a prestigious home on Mountain Spring Road in Farmington.
The on-site auction will be held at a home built on 4 acres of land at 255 Mountain Spring Road in Farmington. A preview will be held at 2 p.m., followed by the real estate auction at 3 p.m. 
According to the broker, the home has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and three fireplaces with solid mechanicals and a furnace that was installed in 2016. It has strong, plaster walls and expansive rooms. 
“As Mary Helen told me, they don’t build them like this anymore,” said Chapulis. 
For bidding terms and information on the real estate, contact Mary Helen Levine at 203-525-4753 or by visiting litchfieldrealestateauctionsllc.com
The land which the home resides on was purchased in the summer of 1957 by the family of A.J. Fasolo, an Italian immigrant and general painting contractor in Farmington.
According to A.J.’s son, John, when the land was purchased the family was 
living on a busy street and wanted to relocate. They moved in on Dec. 17 1967. It has remained in the same family until it will be offered to the public this Sunday.
Chapulis said that he spoke with Joh Fasolo about how his father would come home from work and work to clear the land until he ran out of daylight. They lived on the same street as Alexander Haig, who served in President Ronald Reagan’s cabinet and was the head of NATO.
” His son recalled how his family would wave to Mr. Haig while they were driving by in their red Chevy paneled fan and he was out walking with his security guards,” said Chapulis.
A.J. Fasolo served as a volunteer firefighter in Farmington from 1961 until his death in 1982. 
Once the real estate auction is completed, Chapulis will begin auctioning off the contents of the estate at approximately 4 p.m. 
“The house is mostly untouched,” said Chapulis. “It has wonderful cherry wood bedroom furniture, a pair of twin beds and original children’s toys that were put in the attic many years ago. There are also numerous ladders and painting equipment including an early steeple seat.”
Other items in the home include a Roy Rogers and Dale Evans lunchbox from the 1960s, a mounted swordfish, an Italian Piaggio motorcycle and a clock collection. 
“Among the clocks is a rare, wooden works clock from Farmington with beautiful hand-painted glass and stenciling featuring a sailing ship and a nautical theme. This is a rare piece of Farmington history. There are also Bristol clocks as well.”  
Chapulis said that the home is like a “tomb of time.”
“This family saved everything and I expect that a lot of interesting things will be discovered the day of the auction,” said Chapulis. 
For bidding requirements and information, visit timsauctions.com. For questions, call Chapulis at 860-459-0964

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A true discovery estate auction, home owned by same family since 1960!  All 4 bedrooms completely full, dining room contents, living room contents, 2 car garage contents full, attic full, cellar tools, ladders, vintage bicycles, antique clock collection, even a Piaggio Motorcycle in extremely nice condition!    This is certainly worth the trip! June 24th 4:00 P.M. Loction: 255 MT. Spring Road, Farmington CT, 06032 , save the date!

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